One month old
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2 years old
About Tigre
Yanislav Sibirskoe Ocharovanie (Tigre because he looks like a
little tiger) is our new addition to the Astera lines. He is a true
Siberian, as he comes from Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. We are not
sure if Tigre is a Siberian Forest Cat or a miniature Tiger! His
colors are very unique, and when he prowls around our local
forest, he actually looks like a tiger stalking his prey. Not only is
he tiger-like in appearance, but he has the personality of a
gentleman. He always wants attention. He loves for you to hold
him in your arms, even if he is upside down. He follows you
from room to room, always wanting you to play with him or pick
him up. Tigre has true Siberian potential and he fathered some of
our most beautiful kittens.
Brown Classic Tabby
Born: December 23, 2007