Brushing a Siberian

A Siberian cat does not require a lot of grooming except for a very short shedding
period. However, daily combing and brushing will help your bonding with your
Siberian friend.

process, kittens associate it with affection. Now that the cat looks to you for parental
cats groom their young. But while most humans remember maternal grooming as an
irritating process, kittens associate it with affection. Now that the cat looks to you for
parental guidance, you can turn brushing/combing sessions into a bonding
experience. Just remember to always be gentle and never pull or tug on the coat.
to always be gentle and never pull or tug on the coat.

Regular combing and brushing stimulates a cat's skin and keeps the coat clean and
healthy. Comb or brush  long-haired cats every other day, or more often if needed. A
comb reaches the cat's skin better than a brush, especially with long-haired breeds.
Wide- and fine-tooth combs used together provide the best results

If your grooming regimen somehow goes astray and you wind up with a matted cat,
do not use scissors to cut them from you cat’s fur! Cats with long hair have a very
thin outer layer of skin that can be easy to miss. Cutting out a mat of fur can cause a
nasty injury. To remove a mat from the fur, use the end of a Greyhound comb and
start picking at the mat gently. If your cat starts struggling, stop the session and
resume combing only when the cat is calm and rested. As tempting as it will probably
be to yank the darn thing out, try to avoid tugging at the mat. Imagine how
unpleasant it would be to have someone tugging at your fur. The constant gentle
picking action from the end of the comb will eventually cause the mat to loosen from
the skin. After the coat is no longer matted, combing and brushing will be much
easier. Make sure the brush or comb’s teeth reach all the way to the skin when
applied. Then pull upward and outward. This will help prevent future mats from
showing up.

Brushing Tips

Keep your cat beautiful by brushing and combing her regularly.

Step 1: Start at the head and neck with the wide-spaced side of the comb. Comb
down the body, following the line of the hair.
Step 2: Pay special attention to mats behind the ears, under the legs, and on the
Step 3: Comb the cat a second time, switching between the wide- and the narrow-
toothed comb as needed. Comb until you feel no more mats and you've collected all
the loose hair.

Step 1: Slowly wet your cat in water that's close to her body temperature of 101.4
Step 2: Lather your cat gently with a shampoo designed just for felines. Rinse her
until the water runs clear, then give her one more final rinse. Even a small amount of
shampoo lather or residue will cause your cat to froth when she licks herself. Avoid
soap in the eyes. It can cause painful irritation.
Step 3: Wrap a towel around your cat to dry her as much as possible, then use a
human hair dryer set on low heat.

Bathing Tips:
To avoid tangles with long- and medium-haired cats, comb the coat as you dry it.
Have everything near and ready before you start: Shampoos, rinses, a soft towel
and a hair dryer. Keep them out of reach of the cat so she doesn't grab onto them.
A waist-high sink or basin with a non-skid mat is the best place to bathe your cat.

Nail Care

Although a kitten's claws should be clipped each week, adults only need theirs
clipped every two weeks.

Step 1: Place your cat in your lap, facing away.
Step 2: Squeeze the toes between your forefinger and thumb, which will extend the
claws. Hold your cat gently and talk softly to calm her.
Step 3: Clip the claws, being careful not to cut into the sensitive quick (the area of
flesh containing blood and nerves beneath the toenail). Remove only the tip.

Nail Care Tips:
Never use human clippers. They can split a cat's nails.
If your cat continually resists nail clipping, schedule a visit with your groomer or
Gentle strokes of this brush will
remind Gentle strokes of this brush
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