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Astera Barcelona
Brown Classic Tabby with White. Born: June 5, 2010
Barcelona's Parents:
Yanislav Sibirskoe Ocharovanie (Tigre)
Astera yasinka-Toma
About Barcelona

So many words are needed to describe our Barcelona! Barcelona is our Toma’s last and best production!
Toma and Tigre really did a great job producing such an outstanding Siberian! Barcelona has all the
Siberian Beauty that a Siberian cat can have. She has perfect features, a wild Siberian look, and
undreamable ear tufts! She has a most wonderful shiny coat with beautiful warm colors. Though still only
a kitten, Barcelona has the charms and beauty of a mature Siberian.

Her personality is a good match for her beauty. She enjoys cuddling and catching feathers. Barcy plays at
100 percent! When being held, she puts her paws around your neck and hides her face in your clothes or
gives you constant soft head buds. It is as her way of saying “I adore you, you are the center of my
Universe!” When catching a feather toy, she is the fastest and most determined. She would win “The
Best Hunter of the Year” award if there was one. In both her looks and personality,. Barcelona is the
dream Siberian.