Blue Silver Macherel Tabby with White
Born: December 15th, 2007
Jenisey Silva Line
1 year old
2 years old
Vita's Parents
About Nova Vita
Nova Vita is a Latin name, meaning "new life".
Nova Vita is the beloved daughter of our belated
Derica, our most beautiful mother who lived with
me in Tomsk, Siberia. Nova Vita has the beautiful
silver and white coat of her mother. Her beautiful
eyes glow in the dark, as she loves to hunt
creepers in the middle of the night. She has
sweetness in personality, as she gently asks for
treats and attention. Her favorite time is bed time,
as she loves to cuddle and lay next to us. Vita, as
we call her, loves to ride in the pet-stroller at the
park. She stands at the front door and cries,
hoping that we will take her for a ride in the car.
She is best friends with Jabari and Huntress. They
often run and play together. We have so many
hopes for this sweet girl.
Growing Up
4 years old