About Jabari
Jabari is the King of the Jungle. He is Mr. Athletic. He is
the Houdini of all cats. He is the cat who walks through
the park on a leash, He is the one who demands car
rides, park visits, and walks around the neighborhood.
He is trouble in a good way. We have an inescapable cat
fence in the back yard that no cat in America can escape,
except for Jabari! He is so strong and athletic and
determined, that he climbs the unclimbable fences,
pushes out the nails with his head, and escapes this
cat-proof fence. Fortunately, he is very obedient and  
runs to us full speed when we call him.  He wants to play
and cuddle all of the time. The park is his playground.
He wants to get involved in everything.  Even a trip to
the vet is an adventure for him. Jabara is the son of our
beloved and belated Derica. His father is Astera
Yaroshka from my hometown of Tomsk, Siberia
Astera Yaroshka
of Monte Ne
Black silver tabby with white
Born: July 13, 2007

Jabari 007
Jabari in the park
Two Years Old
One Year Old
Eight Months Old
Three Years Old