Spring, 2008
Astera Yasinka-Toma
Born: June 27, 2007
Jenisey Silva Line

About Huntress

Huntress is our little princess. She is our most
beautiful and most popular Siberian. Her parents are
Jenisey and Toma, two of our most beautiful
parents.  Huntress knows that she is especially
beautiful and she wants to be treated like a princess.
She loves treats, toys, endless hugs, kisses and
compliments. She loves for you to pick her up,
trusting you even if she is upside down, and allows
you to carry her around. She is very gentle and
loving with humans, but she likes to boss the other
Siberians around. She is very confident in her ability
to woo either tomcats or humans. Words or pictures
cannot express her beauty. One needs to see her to
appreciate this most lovely Siberian.
Eight Months Old
Six Months Old
Four months
Five months
Four weeks
Six weeks
Eight weeks
One day
Black Silver Classic Tabby with White