Toys that we recommend

These are the toys that we tried on our cats and kittens and found them to be
very good:

Peek-A-Prize Toy Box
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Star Chaser Cat Toy
Illuminated cat toy thrills with lights, catnip,
and the interactive play your cat craves.
Your cat's pawing action sets the lighted
ball in motion around the track. Corrugated
center delivers long-lasting scratching fun,
especially when sprinkled with included
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Cheese Chase
fish for, but never catch, the inner ball.
Outer fish for, but never catch, the inner
ball. Outer ball track lets kitty swat to her
heart's content.

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Da Bird Insect Wand Cat Toy

This wand-style cat toy features lifelike
insects that attract your cat almost as well
as real ones. Simply hold the wand in
your hand and wiggle toy in front of your
cat to entice her. The attached wire
makes the movement of the insects
erratic and realistic. Helps inactive cats
get the exercise they need while giving
you quality interactive play time with your
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Alpine Cat Scratcher

Alpine Cat Scratcher is a cat
mini-playground. She can savor the
irresistible aroma of catnip while playing
and exercising her claws. Corrugated
cardboard wedge supports scratching
pad while two secret portholes reveal a
soft, dangling mouse to swat again and
again. Provides hours of fun and
gymnastics for any cat.
Cheese Wedge Plush Mice Cat

Stock up on your cat's favorite chasers.
The always popular 2" fuzzy mice entice
your cat with soft, realistic bodies, and the
felt tails are perfect for carrying his
"capture" around the house. These mice
are great to play "Fetch" with a Siberian

In the wild, when they aren't sleeping, lions and tigers and other wild cats are
stalking and hunting their prey or teaching their young to do so. Some benefits of
play include:

Exercise is vital for keeping your cat healthy and sane. Playing with your cat and
having your cat romp around with others is a perfect way for your cat to get
exercise, both physically and mentally.

Release of Anxiety
Anxiety and stress are as harmful to cats as they are to the rest of us. Cats under
stress are more apt to develop behavioral problems such as agression, urine
marking, or obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Relief of Boredom
Cats especially, being naturally curious, can get depressed and lethargic. Cats
need some sort of challenge every day. Watch a cat try to grab at a ball that is
spinning around randomly in a circle. He is concentrating so hard that a simple
movement of your foot can send him skyrocketing into the air. Whether he is
looking out the window at chattering birds, or chasing a feather stick, he loves and
needs to play.

Feel Good
Play, by definition, is something to make whomever is playing feel good. And your
cat deserves to feel good, doesn't he?

Bonding With Other Cats or Animals in the House
Cats chase other cats, cats entice dogs to chase after them, and cats even chase
dogs in some households! This type of behavior provides much-needed bonding.
Playing with your cat can even bond him to you - and who couldn't stand more
bonds in their lives?
The Importance of
Playtime for Cats
Shammy Lammy Mice

These 100% natural lambskin mice
provide your cat with healthy, natural toys
to play with. This is our Huntress' most
favorite toy!
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Cheese Chase
All our cats and kittens love this toy! A
lightweight ball is "trapped" inside an
enticing circular track. Curious cats can
see the ball from every angle, but just
can't seem to "fish" it out. Hours of fun for
any cat.
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Kitty Go Crazy Interactive Toy

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cover - the hidden mouse skitters furtively
cover - the hidden mouse skitters furtively
just out of your cat’s view. In fact, its
movements are so real you and your cat
will swear there’s a live mouse in the
house! This toy was a big hit in our cat
toy was a big hit in our cat family!

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